Gratitude: 4 months sober

I’m grateful to arrive to my first A.A. meeting of the day before sunrise.

For the opportunity to dedicate the day to recovery while reconnecting with the city I call home.

Multiple meetings, rewarding conversations with my sponsor, time with people I like and respect, meditation in a park and a literal walk across the city — from Dufferin to Donlands.

For a super-gratifying yoga class and the two-week trial membership offered at the studio. Reconnecting with a yoga practice is such a beautiful reminder of just how strong I am when I clear my thoughts, connect my mind & body and just breathe. 

And I’m so grateful for text messages from my daughters. This exercise of being away from them reminds me just how much they are my fuel: my motivation, my heart, my everything. A simple ‘Goodnight, mommy. I love you’ gives me the strength, power and confidence for another 24.