Ghosting: It’s a Thing

We live in a world where someone can text ‘I miss you and can’t wait to see you’ one day to never actually be heard from ever again.

It is terribly cowardice and gross and just plain lame. I feel sad and confused, rejected, vulnerable and insecure. Left to mourn a fantasy that was planted by another but never had the opportunity to develop outside of my head.

I am so sorry that you will be growing up in a world were people have such little respect for one another that they will say one thing and do another. No one deserves to be treated like this, to be left feeling like this.

The lesson here is to be strong. You cannot control others, you only have control of yourself. Treat others with respect because that’s what people exposed to you deserve. When people don’t offer you the same courtesy, don’t take it personally, it is their failure, not yours.

I love you.